Aims of the IASS

The aims of the International Association of Sanskrit Studies, through its regular series of World Sanskrit Conferences, are to gather together scholars in Sanskrit and related disciplines from all parts of the world and thereby to facilitate the establishment of closer contacts between specialists in classical Indian Studies, so that,

         firstly, they can exchange and disseminate information about their own research and teaching and may be encouraged to undertake joint projects whenever appropriate, and

         secondly, the can keep themselves informed about the state of Sanskrit studies throughout the world, act jointly in matters of common interest, and support these studies by calling public attention to their importance.

Use of the term "Sanskrit Studies" by its founders was intended to indicate that the Association, while not exclusively concerned with Sanskrit in the narrow sense, is primarily interested in research work based on solid knowledge of one or more Indian languages and on fundamental textual sources from South and South-East Asia. This remains the intention of the Association.

          In addition to the holding of the World Sanskrit Conferences, the Association also publishes an occasional Newsletter  to disseminate information about its activities and has established a web site where basic information about the IASS may be found.


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