World Sanskrit Conferences (WSC)

1st World Sanskrit Conference (WSC) at New Delhi in 1972

2nd WSC at Torino, Italy, in 1975
3rd WSC at Paris, France in 1977
4th WSC at Weimar, German Democratic Republic, in 1979
5th WSC at Varanasi, India in 1981
6th WSC at Philadelphia, United States of America, in 1984
7th WSC at Leiden, The Netherlands, in 1987
8th WSC at Vienna, Austria, in 1990
9th WSC at  Melbourne, Australia, in 1994
10th WSC at Bangalore, India, in 1997
11th WSC at Torino, Italy, in 2000
12th WSC at Helsinki, Finland, in 2003
13th WSC at Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K., in 2006
14th WSC at Kyoto, Japan, in 2009

15th WSC at New Delhi, India, in 2012


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