The Presentation

The entries in this Directory contain three parts. The First part indicates the title of the Dissertation while the second shows the name of the scholar and the third one indicates the name of the University along with the year of award and name of the degree. In the first place a subject-wise presentation is adopted in this directory, as each Dissertation is documented under the Keyword in the title of the dissertation, so that all Dissertations on the same subject or related subjects occur at one place one after the other. When more than one subject is treated in the same Dissertation or if more keywords are relevant, the Dissertation is indexed under different keywords or through a “See also” entry. The “See also” entries are given wherever needed so as to enable the reader to spot out with ease all the Dissertations connected with the subject in which he or she is interested. For example if the name of the dissertation is “The Raghuvaśa Mahākāvya of Kālidāsa: A Study”, the entries are given in three places as i. Raghuvaśa Mahākāvya, The, of Kālidāsa: A Study; ii. Kālidāsa, The Raghuvaśa Mahākāvya of,: A Study ; iii. Raghuvaśa: see also under Kālidāsa.


            Following the indication of the language of the non-English dissertations an abbreviation for the language is given within brackets. The name of the author or the scholar what comes in the second part is presented with his surname first. Next is the name of the University, which awarded the degrees following the year of the award of the degree and the specific name of degrees like Ph.D., D.Litt. (for both D.Litt. and Vidyāvācaspati) and V.Vāridhi (for Vidyāvāridhi).


            The purpose and the benefit that would accrue form the present Directory are manifold. First and foremost to place before the general reader and the inquisitive student of the concerned subjects which have been studied and pursuied on the vast ocean of Sanskrit Literature and also to obtain copies of the thesis concerned from the Librarians of the respective Universities. Secondly, potential Research Scholars will be apprised of what has already been done on a subject, so that they will find out what is to be done, while choosing a topic for research.


The exact nature of the information received about the Dissertation, whether it is complete or incomplete is also incorporated here. The incomplete information is entered as ‘in Progress’. We would like to mention that our main objective is to provide information about the type of studies undertaken in various Universities and Institutions so far. Complete information i.e. the year of declaration of results regarding some of the works will be provided in the Supplement; or it can be obtained from the Universities concerned.


It is needless to say this project was started by Prof. K.V. Sarma, founder Director of Sree Sarada Education Society Research Centre, Adyar, Chennai. His main aim was to help and guide the scholars working in the field of Indology. If one asks about one reference on a particular topic, he was happy to provide ten more and if the source was not available with him he would procure that from somewhere and used to make available to the scholar. No research scholar was returning from him in empty hand. It was his ardent desire that one should do research seriously. Hence he thought of preparing first a Directory or inventory of Ph.D. Research Dissertations produced in Indian Universities and Research Institutions just to guide the serious Research scholars. The proposal was subsequently approved by the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan for the purpose of publication.


He started the collection work long back. Taking as marking point as 2000 whatever was available at hand, he started the arrangement of data. Before it could see the light of the day Prof. Sarma left on 14. 01. 05 for his permanent abode of peace. He left with a heavy corpus of data that attracted us to carry out further and complete it. The present volume is the result of his blessings and good wishes that keep us doing it in a method designed by him.

The Research Centre is obliged to the Individuals and Institutions and Journals especially  Prāchijyoti, Digest of Indological Studies, a yearly publication of Kurukshetra University,  which have supplied their data and worked in achieving this goal.


We take this opportunity to thank Prof. V. Kutumba Sastry, Vice-Chancellor, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi for accepting the proposal of publishing it. The centre will be ever grateful to him for his encouragement and scholarly support. Our sincere thanks are to Mr. A.V.K. Murthy, worthy son of his father who not only continued his father’s unfinished job but also entrusted us to do it properly. Our staff left no time to go through the typed proof and alphabetical arrangement of titles. We thank one and all for their support and timely help in completing this work.        


Chennai                                               Prof. Siniruddha Dash

Vijayādaśamī  , 2006                               Honorary Director,

                                                     SSES. Research Centre, Chennai