Deemed University

56-57 Institutional Area,JanakPuri , New Delhi

Academic Wing

This section is headed by the Registrar. Frames the syllabi for various courses. 

     Separate subject committees are constituted to frame syllabi of difference subjects from Prathama to Acharya. 

     However, as regards English, Hindi and modern subjects like History etc. at school level, the syllabi of the C.B.S.E. are adopted. As regards the syllabi for modern subjects, viz. Hindi and English for Shastri classes, the syllabi of Delhi University is normally followed. 

     The scholarship unit deals with two types of scholarships. One is connected with the award of scholarship to the Campus students. This is done within the budget provision of each Campus.

     The other type deals with the following two types of scholarship for students /research scholars other than our Campus.

     Research Scholarships for students of traditional Pathshalas
     Post Matric Scholarships for pursuing Inter, B. A. and M. A. and Ph. D. including equivalent traditional courses.

     Taking into consideration the equivalence of the examinations of the various Sanskrit Examining Bodies, the Sanskrit students are admitted to higher classes in the Campuses under the Sansthan. 

     Besides these works, Academic Sections is also constituting and convening of Academic Council Meeting, approval of arranging lectures in Campus and membership of International Sanskrit Conference.

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