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Grant in Aid Committee

The Grant-in-Aid Committee of Central Schemes shall be the Competent Authority to consider and approve the amount of the assistance under these Schemes.

The GIAC will normally meet twice in a year but the frequency of the meeting may be increased or decreased, at the discretion of the University, if such need arises. The decision of the Central Sanskrit University shall be final and binding on the institutions/individuals seeking/receiving financial assistance under the scheme. However, major issues shall be placed before the GIAC for final approval.

The GIAC may be authorized to frame suitable guidelines wherever necessary within broader frame work of the Scheme. GIAC may also relax any conditions in existing scheme or incorporate any new provisions in the scheme which are not sufficient or not mentioned in the scheme. Chairman GIAC may be empowered to consider and approve any proposal on file if the GIAC is not likely to meet in the near future. However, such decisions may be placed before the GIAC in its next meeting for ratification. Financial assistance will be decided by GIAC on merit which will be restricted as per scheme guidelines but the limit can be relaxed by the GIAC in deserving cases.

Grants will be released to the Central Sanskrit University by the Department of Education, Government of India through University Grants Commission (UGC) against the budget provision made for the scheme during the current financial year. However, further budget provision for the scheme is to be proposed by the Central Sanskrit University in the usual manner at the appropriate stage. The head of the organisation is hereby delegated powers to sanction financial assistance to Organisations/Institutions/Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalayas / Shodh Sansthans / Individuals/Students where approvals of Grant-in-Aid Committee has been given and the proposal is within all the parameters of the schemes. If any case requires relaxation of the parameters of the schemes, the head of the above organisation will refer the case to Central Sanskrit University who will further refer the case to the Joint Secretary, concerned in the Ministry of Education, who will decide in consultation with the Financial Advisor of Ministry of Education.

The Grant-in-Aid Committee has to recommend as per schematic norms. In so far as the requirement of additional funds is concerned the same has to be considered as per budget availability of the particular year by GIAC. The Grant-in-Aid committee will allocate the special grants for special occasions / programmes like World Sanskrit Conference, Oriental Sanskrit Conferences etc. after consent of Executive Council of CSU, Delhi subject to availability of the funds.