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Assignments constitute the continuous evaluation. The 30% of the marks obtained through the assignments will be counted in final results.
Here Assignments are given for Session: 2022-2023. Please download the links and submit at Mukta Swadhyaya Peetham.
Last Date for Submission of All Assignments - 15.01.2024.
Please click Refresh Button (Keyboard Button - F5) after opening any page or assignment.

Prakshastri Bridge
Prakshastri 2nd Year
Shastri Bridge
Shastri 2nd Year
Shastri 3rd Year
Acharya Bridge - Vyakarana
Acharya Bridge - Sahitya
Acharya Bridge - Phalit Jyotisha
Acharya 2nd Year - Vyakarana
Acharya 2nd Year - Sahitya
Acharya 2nd Year - Phalit Jyotisha